Danny Fabricant’s August 2017 Update

(Originally published August 2016, revised August 2017)

Some of this may be a little hard to believe, but look at everything else that’s been reported in the news the last couple of years.

Because this place IS one of the dozen+ Federal Penitentiaries (“Pens”), several expensive changes have been made here in the last few years. There’s now two cops assigned to every Housing Unit, every shift. They now make every employee wear body armor (vests), although the employees here are in far greater danger of being scratched or bitten by some AIDS infected pervert than actually being stabbed by a nut case or ‘drop-out’ gang member with a ‘Homemade Stabbing Instrument.’

All the Guests’ shirts, T-shirts and pants now have barcode labels, with name, prison # and Housing Unit glued to them. I suggested all Sex Offenders’ shirt labels be appropriately marked. All of the dozens of metal detectors were replaced with new ones, with barcode scanners built into the top of them. But, they can’t read the barcodes on shirts unless the guy is over eight feet tall. They also bought a monstrous full body scanner. You stand on a platform in front of, and it slowly pulls you through, while x-raying you. Supposedly, this is to record who has bullets, pacemakers or artificial joints in their bodies, so the new metal detectors won’t beep when those with metal in them walk through, IF they’re eight+ feet tall. Of course, that brilliant theory allows those with previously identified metal objects inside their bodies to carry homemade knives through the metal detectors, without them beeping.

Every few months, they decide to ‘test’ the scanners at the Chow Hall’s entrance and exit, at the second daily feeding. Everyone has to wave their I.D. cards around, over their heads, until the scanner either catches the barcode on the card, or the cops standing there tell you “Just go,” after a minute or so of waving your card. If your card is old, or scratched, the scanner can’t read it. This really delays lunch for the 1,400+ Guests entering and leaving the Chow Hall.

Of course, the prison would never send anything broken or defective back, or ask for a refund, because that’s not how the Federal Government operates.

The Unit Cops used to have limited access to the Internet (no YouTube, blogs or porn, etc.) on the terminals in every Housing Unit’s office. The Warden decided to take that away from them, so now all they can access is Guests’ files and a few other boring things. Once they start reading through the files and see the details of the stuff most of the perverts did to get the huge sentences that sent them here, they don’t want to work here any more. They keep putting in for transfers, or quitting. This place keeps hiring more people – 20 or 30 at a time, several times a year – but many of them soon quit, as they learn more about the disgusting creeps they’ll have to be around and interact with.

The ‘Political Correctness’ of Transgenders and persons with ‘Gender Identity Dysphoria’ using (or attempting to use) public (and school) bathrooms of their choosing has been in the news for a year+. Political Correctness has even hit here.

During the Jan/Feb Staff Training sessions, the Staff are ‘instructed’ by the Psychology Dept., to address the 15 or so Guests on a (now larger) Gender Identity Dysphoria List (“List”), as ‘Miss’ or ‘Ma’am,’ whenever they speak to them. Those on the List can refuse to be pat searched by a male staff member, like when they set off a metal detector. A female staff member has to be found to come and pat ‘it’ down. Considering that most of those on the List are flamboyant and promiscuous, it does seem absurd that they can refuse to have the outside of their clothes ‘touched’ by a male staff member.

The ‘Bra & Panties Gang’ are all flamboyant, promiscuous, practicing homosexuals. Those on the List will eventually undergo (government paid) Sex Change operations, and will then will be sent to women’s Federal Prisons, where they would no longer be able to have sex with (multiple) men. I doubt that most of them have figured out that this is what’s gonna happen.

Does anyone know the total cost for these operations? I don’t think it’s all done with one out-patient office visit. There have to be two BOP cops with any Federal prisoner, around the clock, whenever one goes to an outside hospital or clinic.

The ones on the List [mostly ugly men] can now buy mascara, make-up, lipstick and nail polish (stocked only for them) in the Commissary. They, and others not (yet) on the List, are allowed to carry purses — I guess guys in the handicraft program make and sell the purses (or trade for ?) to them. They’re also issued sports bras and ‘granny panties,’ by the Clothing Room. They turn the Granny Panties into Thongs.

Picture a dozen+ 30-60 year old creeps (a few are very ugly and HIV+, a few weigh 300+ lbs), all wearing bras stuffed with foam rubber mattress filling under tight shirts (tight pants too), bright red lipstick and nail polish, mascara, etc. acting like extra stupid, boy-crazy 13-year-old girls.

As another bizarre twist, the lower security Federal Correctional Institution (“FCI”) across the road has a ‘Jail Ward’ for both male and female Federal ‘pre-trial detainees,’ who are being prosecuted in the local Tucson Federal Courthouse. They don’t sell the (real) females in the Jail Ward anything the creepy men here can buy.

Everyone on the List receives estrogen and/or hormone shots/pills. I doubt these are cheap.

There are two other Pens like this one — in Terre Haute, Indiana and Coleman, Florida. They’re probably doing the same thing in the dozen+ Sex Offender FCIs as well. Your Federal Tax $$ at work.

In June 2016, the first USP-Tucson LGBT Talent Show was held here, in the Chapel. A flyer, with a full color rainbow background for it was posted on the electronic bulletin board. About 70 attended. I’m guessing many more will show up for this year’s, as there are hundreds of them.

Eventually, Prez. Trump will hear about the ‘Miss’ and ‘Ma’am’ nonsense and the dozens (or hundreds) of Sex Change Operations. It will all come to a screeching halt. Awwwww.

A few of the Guests now here are quasi-infamous, for the stuff they did to get the huge
sentences that require them to be in a Federal Penitentiary — unlike the Subway Sandwich guy, who’s in one of the dozen or so ‘Sex Offender’ FCIs with a 15(?) year sentence.

We have the Elizabeth Smart kidnapper; a Mortician who filmed himself having sex with dead children; a Cannibal, who was caught when he made a ‘friend’ (a Task Force of 24/7 cops and federal agents who troll the pervert chatlines) on-line and plotted with his ‘friend’ to kidnap, torture, kill, BBQ and eat a child; and two or three ‘Facebook’ creeps, who, at different times in different parts of the country, got on chatlines for teenage girls, and extorted them into sending naked photos of themselves to the perverts now here.

This place also has one of the ‘Mafia Cops,’ and used to have Whitey Bulger. It also used to have the nutcase who, 10+ years ago, when he was in the Army in Iraq or Afghanistan, raped a 15(?) year-old girl and then, with a few of his Army buddies, killed her and her whole family. He killed himself a few years ago, after he lost his appeal and was going to be transferred to a normal Pen. Gee, what a tragedy.

In order to make life less pleasant for the perverts, the mailroom (described by many of the Guests as the ‘Tucson Taliban’) rejects many dozens of issues of magazines every year. Every year they think of new reasons to reject them. For the past two+ years, they’ve been rejecting them because they contain pictures of ‘partially unclothed children’ (kids at the beach or by a swimming pool in swimming trunks) or ‘partially unclothed infants’ (usually diaper or baby food ads). Exactly what is an infant supposed to be wearing?

The mailroom refuses to just take a magic marker & blot out the kid, or remove the page. The whole magazine (often 50-100+ copies) get mailed back to the publishers, at Government expense. It’s mostly gossip magazines (People, US, OK, Star, In Touch, etc.) that are rejected. In a 2-year period, 5 issues of my TIME Magazine were rejected for various ridiculous reasons. Two issues because they (allegedly) had “bare breasted women on the cover and inside the magazine.” How could I make this up? TIME Magazine is, of course, well known for its hard-core porn content …

For 5+ years, 4 times a day, they play a recording over the Public Address System, in English and Spanish, saying: “Notice to Inmates: Male and female staff routinely work and visit inmate housing areas.” The last daily playing is at 10:10 PM. In that ‘Beddy-Bye’ time is about 9:35 PM, I requested that the 10:10 PM playing be changed to before 10 PM. They said No.

I appealed this place’s refusal to change the time. After sitting in the D.C. Office for 20+ months, the final level appeal was denied. It explained that the recording is the “‘Prison Rape Elimination Act’ recorded message.” Gee, that makes perfect sense. Picture a giant predatory pervert getting ready to rape a kid that just arrived. But, they play the recording, which reminds the giant pervert that there should be a female cop coming by soon. So, the kid is saved, and the pervert waits for the next female staff member to come by, so he can rape her…

In October of 2016, a Unit cop found a 10-year-old boy sized ‘Love Doll’ in some pedophile’s cell in the Cheese Unit. He quickly fingered 9 other perverts who helped him build it. They took all 10 to the SHU, for manufacturing escape paraphernalia. They claimed it was for their Halloween party. The whole place was  locked down for 1 1/2 days, and searched (for more ‘Love Dolls’?)

The Cheese Unit is a special program which requires everyone in it to tell on each other and everyone else in the prison, for anything, daily. Pukes go into that 12-18 month program because they’re told they’ll be able to get sent to a lower security prison, closer to their homes (and child victims) when they finish. Most get burned. The ‘Love Doll 10’ will NEVER see a lower security prison. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch. You don’t think any of them were found not guilty in Kangaroo Court, do you?

November 2016, some fat pervert had to be taken to an outside hospital to have a roll-on deodorant bottle removed from deep in his ass. He had 3 or 4 of them duct-taped together, lengthwise, but apparently the tape came loose. I don’t know if the hospital gave the bottle back to him. He’s in the Cheese Program now. He fits right in.

April 2017 — On 4/12/17, I spoke with two Executive Staff members here who had just seen this Update. They took umbrage to the Update containing two inaccuracies, and ‘Demanded’ that the inaccuracies be retracted. They mentioned suing me for slander, etc. etc. in the local Federal Court (where I have three lawsuits against the prison pending.)

So, here’s the RETRACTION/CORRECTION (which concerns only the items provided free or solely to the Guests with Gender Identity Dysphoria, by the prison):

While USP-Tucson DOES give them Bras and Panties, and sells them “Wet & Wild Mega Volume Mascara” and “Wet & Wild Brown Eyeliner,” it DOES NOT sell them lipstick or nail polish — they manufacture those themselves, from items readily available in various areas of the prison.

I stand (humbled and) corrected.

The (future) Transgender ‘Top Ten List.’
By: Caitlyn Lovelace

10: The Psych Dept. loves my sisters and I so much, they give us lots of lovely Psych Meds and they Ordered the Whole Staff to address us as ‘Miss’ or ‘Maam.’
9: We know exactly what time the officers will come around to count, after 10:00 pm.
8: 1,400+ men, for my sisters and I to share.
7. The Cosmetology Class.
6: Estrogen shots and Hormone pills!
5: The LGBT Talent Shows!
4: Free Bras and Granny Panties (which can easily be turned into THONGS) !
3: Mascara and Eye Shadow, etc. in the Commissary.
2: The Valentine’s Day Dance (and the other 6 Dances every year) .

US Medical Center for Federal Prisoners

US Medical Center for Federal Prisoners

Photo credit: Darin House via Visualhunt / CC BY