Why It Matters

Fast and Furious, and Fabricant is about a man locked up for life on a relatively minor charge, and why, and how his individual fate connects with some of the biggest and most disgusting news stories of recent years.

What series of events placed Danny Fabricant in a penitentiary near Tucson? Why is he still there? Who ought to be locked up instead? What does it all mean, in the context of the bloody fiasco known as Operation Fast and Furious?

How did the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (fondly known as ATF) get so out of control? By gradual increments, it conditioned Americans to accept its bullshit. We’re used to it now, because of their tactics in such self-glorifying campaigns as Operation Black Rain, Operation Black Biscuit, and so forth.

Katie Pavlich wrote,

If ATF had taken steps to hold Newell, Gillett, McMahon and others responsible for their irresponsible actions surrounding the Dobyns case, Fast and Furious wouldn’t have happened, but because ATF openly rewards bad behavior and corruption, Fast and Furious was utterly predictable.

Exactly the same can be said of the Fabricant case, and the campaigns against bikers, and the whole War on Some Drugs and All Deprecated Lifestyles. If ATF had taken steps to hold Ciccone, Castro-Silva, Torres and others responsible for their irresponsible actions surrounding the Fabricant case, ATF couldn’t have become such a swingin’-dick agency that can get away with stuff like Fast and Furious. If these lethal clowns had been curbed a long time ago , we would all be a lot better off. That includes taxpayers, who have been shaken down for purposes that not many of us would really want to spend money on, if anyone asked us, like generous payoffs to murderers.

Even some on the inside realize they’ve gone too far. Whisteblower Vincent Cefalu runs the CleanUpATF.org website, and he calls Operation Fast and Furious a “grotesquely dangerous and reckless operation.”

If Danny Fabricant got out tomorrow, he could make a legitimate living as a motivational speaker and/or standup comic. Or a paralegal, or a counselor to families of inmates. Society probably wouldn’t suffer. He’s pretty well known as a self-representing defendant, and as a jailhouse lawyer who filed his first federal case in 1976. He’s had four published opinions, when many real lawyers never have one.

And there are other points. Some of the things that went on, should not happen in anybody’s legal case. In general, too many Americans are either inmates or former inmates. It’s gone way beyond a disaster brewing, it’s a catastrophe right now.

Relevant quotations about Operation Fast and Furious:

It was the pattern of gross mismanagement that had been allowed to exist in ATF which fostered an environment that unleashed this operation, violating public trust on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.
Vincent A. Cefalu

Was placing thousands of functioning, high-powered weapons in filthy thugs’ hands stupidity on steroids or some twisted scheme with a hidden agenda?
Katie Pavlich


Out Bad by Donald Charles Davis

The Aging Rebel “The man who dies with the most stories wins.”

Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and its Shameless Cover-Up
by Katie Pavlich

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