Should Danny Fabricant Die in Prison? (01)

The temptation is to start sensational. When a mother of six is kicked and stabbed to death, and her head practically severed by a monster who wants to stick it on top of a fence post, why bury that lead?

But there is so much more to the story, which has scope and magnitude and several twisted strands. Perversely fascinating as a bad comic book, it has an elevated WTF quotient for many reasons. Some aspects are downright ridiculous and some are unknown. Some missing pieces are findable, and others will never be revealed. These events happened a while back, among dedicated scofflaws and career law enforcement personnel, two groups not generally noted for their forthcoming personalities or their truthfulness.

The grisly murder and almost-beheading of a kicked-and-stabbed-to-death woman isn’t even the most disgusting part of the story. The abysmal horror lies in the stunningly diverse array of details about matters that America ought to be sickened by, if it didn’t have its head lodged firmly in its rectum.

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